Month: 1 year

Hitesh Ramchandani’s Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination

Creative authors and other fiction writers often use “a character coming out of a Swett Mardan book.” They are quite justified in it; the inspirational writings of Swett Mardan indeed…

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An innovative tech solution that will make standing in long queues at restaurant, cafe & food courts a thing of the past

One evening while waiting for his coffee at a popular mall Udit realized that he spent over 30 minutes in queue ordering a coffee to have a 10-minute meeting. He…

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Journey of the Oldest Online Meat Delivery Company of Delhi-NCR

Greet the Taste Buds with Fresh Meat Knocking on Doors Some years ago, cooking meat in home was nothing less than a festival. It was the time when it demanded…

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