Bored of extra mush? Here are the 5 super innovative concepts for your pre wedding shoot!

We all love romantic Bollywood Movies and the usual romantic poses that people do for their pre wedding shoots but don’t you think all this is kinda boring and now it’s time that we look for something innovative?

We are not saying that we don’t love all this but such outdated themes can make your photos look very ordinary and who wants that, right? It’s only one time that we are gonna get married so everything about it should be special and unique. So sit back, get a cup of tea, as we present you 5 of our favourite pre wedding photoshoot inspirations, that’ll surely help you plan your own unique one!


 1. Underwater Magic

Sounds dreamy, right? And not just dreamy but impossible as well but is actually not. It is quite possible. Underwater photography is not just reserved for those fashion shoots, but can be incorporated in your pre wedding photography as well. Imagine your photoshoot like that where you are surrounded by the calm of the sea, while the photographer captures your pictures with the man of your dreams by your side.

Tip: Since this is quite a tricky concept, make sure you hire a great wedding photographer who can do justice to your vision.

 2. Pillow Fight

We are sure that fighting with your mate is the last thing on your mind right now but who can say no to a cheeky pillow fight!This shoot not only would be simple to do but imagine all those adorable candid pictures you two will have to show people. Oh yes, and you can be at ease too while getting clicked!

We totally love the all-white vibe of this shoot.


3. Miniature Delights

Want to recreate a real life Honey I Shrunk The Kids moment before you get hitched? With miniature photography, it is possible. Through speciality lens or with modern techniques in popular photo editing softwares, your photographer will help you in making this happen. According to us this can definitely hit the list of one of the most coolest pre wedding shoots.

4. Comic Capers

Who doesn’t love comics? And what is better than to have your pre wedding photoshoot like that? Make it romantic and funny at the same time. If you have any specific concept in mind then make sure to coordinate with your wedding photographer, who’ll surely help you out in executing it perfectly.

Tip: Don’t forget to colour coordinate your outfits and props too!

 5. Boudoir Wonders


Love black and white? Get inspired from this ‘crazy in love’ couple who organized a vra vra vroomboudoir themed shoot for their pre wedding shoot. Seriously there is nothing in here that we don’t love. Black and white with lots of sexy overtones, this one looks absolutely sensual and amazing if done right.

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