If I were a bird I would fly in the sky commendably;

I would live in the nest above the tree and my swashbuckling mother would feed us with her humongous beak.

My splendid mother would teach me how to fly with persistence and determination.

I would feel the substantial air and I would take the advantage of the air as I would close my eyes fly in the air extremely high.

I would witness an enormous jet plane by taking a closer angle.

I would be petrified from treacherous and vulnerable eagles.

I would hibernate in the cool season of winter and monsoon.

I would help people by relishing grains, dals, and pulses and last but not the least by spreading seeds.

My nestlings would hatch from my wife’s eggs;

 I would not need a passport or a visa to travel and explore various places out of India.

Being a bird is a best of both the worlds for me.

Source:Young Mister Goel

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