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Ever wonder how these random viral posts actually become viral? Think Rebecca Black’s Friday song. Under no condition did that song deserve to become so viral. But before you start with your hypothesis, we must understand that there is a very critical and simple play here that you can use to get your post viral.
There are several websites and blogs that list as many as 30 steps to go viral, but since we understand that 30 might get a little excessive and that you are probably busy creating content and entertaining your audience, we give you 3 simple steps to go viral:

  1. Triggering Emotions
    This is fairly simple to understand, even though it might sound a tad bit extreme, but is very true. If you’re looking for your post or content to go viral, the key is playing on the emotion card. Now this does not mean you play the final scene from ‘The Green Mile’, but actually means that you create content that triggers emotions in your audience enough to make them engage with your posts. The most engaging posts are not the ones that leave people apathetic, but ones that make them go ‘Awww’ or even ‘WTF?’.
  2. Knowing your Audience
    The key for getting your post to the maximum number of people is targeting your content to the right audience. For instance, if you target a football themed joke to a bunch of fans that have all their interest in the politics of the country, it’s not going to be quite a hit. But if you direct even a Star Wars metaphor to the right audience, jackpot! This is why knowing your audience and targeting the right post to the right audience is key while promoting your posts on social media.
  3. Create Quality Content
    Content creation is key. Half hearted attempts at sharing memes is not going to get your page or website any traction. And if you have finally ran out of ideas for your blog or page, then you can take help from digital marketing agencies such as Shamoor.

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