S8 dominates IoT world with Bluetooth 5.0

As the world moves into using an advanced system of Internet of Things (IoT) based environment, IT solution companies are offering various technologies to work smoothly and securely. According to Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, who also aims at investing a lot in the field of IoT, claims that machine are going to drink data in the next 20 years and it will be entirely based on wireless medium of sharing.

Currently, users are using third-party apps like ShareIt to transfer data from PDA-PDA or from PC-PDA as a result of which, the in-built technology in many devices – Bluetooth has lost its fame and purpose. Many complain because of its slow speed, poor connectivity options and high power consumption.

Bluetooth has now released its latest version, Bluetooth 5.0 which focuses on improved slack-free experience  and give a seamless IoT experience. It claims itself to be much better in terms of range, transfer speed and broadcast rate than its previous release, Bluetooth 4.2, which was launched around 2014-2015. With great speeds reaching to 128kbps, one can enjoy a quality experience of IoT connections throughout their home or workplace .

Bluetooth 5 adheres to U.S. Federal Security regulations and is highly power-efficient on device battery. And it can be used without any potential interference from other wireless technologies ie. it can co-exist.

After I have boasted you a lot about this new technology, you might be excited to use it, right? Well you can use this new feature in the new Samsung Galaxy S8. With Bluetooth 5.0 in this device, you can now connect two wireless headsets with the same phone and listen to the same song on two separate bluetooth devices. The bandwidth is more robust and it can keep you connected in a radius of upto about 800 feet.

Hence we have to wait a little more till this technology is applied to other PDAs as well. Only then will this technology become ubiquitous with all.


Source:Sourish Das

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