What ambition actually is?

Once a 5th grade class teacher asked his students to write down in one word  what they wanted to become in life on a piece of paper and submit it to him. Some wrote doctor, some engineer, astronaut, pop-star and many other. Going through those sheets he encountered a quite unique answer where one of the students had written down the word ‘happy’. He called up the student and said “Son, I think you misunderstood my question.” and the student replied ” No sir, i think you misunderstood life!”

Everything that counts cannot be counted and everything that can be counted doesn’t counts. Ambition is not about earning money, name and fame or getting recognized. Maybe it’s just living a life of your own choice. A rich man is who wakes up in the morning goes to bed in night and in between does what he wants to do. Ambition could be traveling, living in your dream city, being around your near and dear ones, pursuing what makes you feel happy makes you feel more alive even if that doesn’t make much money. A small moment of happiness can also be legendary if the people and the surroundings around you were those you always dreamed of. Achieving means nothing unless you have no one to share it with. Maybe if one day I get my dream job or get placed in my dream company the one thing I’ll do as soon as I leave the interview room is calling up my mom and saying that your prayers finally worked for me. What’s the point of getting a big juicy cheque in salary if you don’t have a shopaholic wife to spend it or those friends who have already planned to get seriously drunk on your first salary. As Barney Stinson said ” Nothing is legendary in life if your friends are not there to see it.”

So just go out and do what you always wanted to do. Have the audacity to take risk for yourself because eventually this will decide what you make out of yourself. Everything’s gonna work out! Things just take time. And even if they don’t , even if you fail what’s the big deal. We are young, we are meant to make mistakes because that is something which will make us learn. Everybody gets depressed at some time feels left out and wasted but there is no such depression in this world which can’t be cured when you lay your head on your mother’s lap. Sometimes give yourself a break! Shut that window which always keeps you reminding what are u going to do with your life. Get drunk, laugh loads, love lots, cry your aggression out, make sudden trip plans with your friends. This life is just a theatre and we are playing our roles so one day when your whole life will flash out in front of your eyes make it worth watching!


Source: Saksham Verma

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